Donor Recognition
Donor Recognition
1. Tianjin University welcomes donations from enterprises, public institutions, organizations and individuals both at home and abroad, and deeply appreciates those who show concerns for or give supports to the university. Anyone who donates to Tianjin University or makes contribution to the course of education and scientific research of the university will be marked in the history of Tianjin University.

2. Donors, regardless of the donated amount, will get a unified receipt issued by the Financial Sector of Tianjin Municipal Government from the Peiyang Education Development Foundation. Written agreement can be signed to clarify donation amount, intent and commitment. The donor will be filed in the honor list.

3. Donors can name some of the donation programs on the understanding that those donations reach a certain amount and lie within areas e.g. infrastructure construction, teaching post, merit fund and, etc.

4. Given the laws and regulations of China and the rule & regulations of the university permit, enterprises, public institutions, organizations or individuals at home and abroad who give donation to the university share a priority of using the teaching, research and other high quality resources of the university, as well as establishing collaboration or joint construction programs with the university.